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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Xbox and college.

So, I took the PSAT at the beginning of the school year.
Dunno if I mentioned that...
But yeah, I got... a 180 I think? Not sure, don't remember, something like that I think though...
Kind of high; not high enough for my picky standards I guess, but high enough for people to be jealous.
I say it's only because I'm in a higher math and therefore have a whole year, sometimes two, ahead of them.
They agree because I'm mediocre and better than nobody at absolutely nothing.

Anyways, I've started getting mail from colleges.
I think liberal arts sounds nice... Something small. Something with writing, not a lot of people, somewhere I can be alone would be cool.
I don't know. :P

I'm thinking about playing Xbox... Just Dance is waaayyy better with Kinect.

Might go see that new Danielle Radcliffe movie on Friday, but that's the release date so I dunno if it's such a good idea.



  1. Oooo I remember when I was looking at colleges! So are you a junior in high school? Man... college is so fun! I think you'll like it. =) Good luck picking which one to go to!

  2. I love university (same as american colleges) but we don't have to write any type of standardized test (ie: SAT) to get in, which is such a relif.
    I love being in an arts program, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun!
    and did you see the movie! I'm going tonight, sooo excited!


  3. Good luck picking colleges, and well done on your test (I'm sorry, but I'm English and don't know what the score means!!).

    Usually, if you go to the cinema during school times on the release day, it's usually quite alright, but I'm not sure what it's like where you live, population-wise etc.