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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Absences and boredom...

...of epick proportions.
Dunno what to write, dunno what to say, dunno what to do.
I think I'll put a playlist on here...
My music got insulted yesterday.
"As if your taste in music is so superior."

Hm. Hmhmhm.
Say Anything. < 3

Euw. I feel icky.
I think I'm getting sick.
Which basically means, I'm going to lose my voice.

Yesterday, I had friends over.
Should I name them all? Fuckin' shit, I guess.
Deli, Jean -she came later-, Axel, Scott, Beth, Chris -my ex-, Ruby, Juice -don't ask xD-...
Is that it? I think so, yeah.
It was fun, but Deli and fucking Beth were getting so ANNOYING.
Chris and I maybe would've had a thing, but not anymore.
Whenever we would even fucking TALK, or SIT NEXT TO EACH OTHER, they made A HUGE FUCKING DEAL.
God, I didn't even want to be around him if I had to listen to them.
Then Chris tackled me, lost one of my cow earrings -MY NEW FUCKING FAVORITE-, and I -in his eyes- probably "overreacted" and said I was pissed off and was going to cry in the woods and blahblahblah.
A few people helped me look, but it's still gone.
I'm sort of pissed, but y'know.
Him and Axel said they would look online and buy me new ones. < 3
I love Axel, he's, like, fucking adorable.
He's little -which makes me jealous >_> - and just awesome.
Except when we're texting and he suddenly gets all serious and it freaks me out.
Yeah, best friend right there, or at least major great acquaintance.

Rawr. This is going to be too long.
Chicago was fun.
I promised myself, and a few others, that I wouldn't steal anything;
I stole a lot.
Way more than I bought.
The earrings were stolen actually, Ruby said it was karma.
Fuck that.
I thought I lost the hat I stole, but I found it yesterday. So, fuck that karma bullshit.
...I want that earring.
I need to get over it. xD

Oh, well, so, Ruby and Juice, and Beth and Scott are going out.
I told them they were being fucking buzz kills, since all of them ended up cuddling in my basement.
Not all of them, like, all four of them together, like Ruby and Juice were on the couch, and Beth and Scott were in a chair. xD
Apparently they are only happy since they're in a relationship, because I think either Beth or Scott said something along the lines of "At least we're happy!" when I mock-complained about their buzz killing-ness.
That started another one of my tirades about crawling in a corner and crying/dying.
Axel said he wanted to watch. xD
That sounds mean, but I found it super hilarious?
I don't fucking know.
I spilled Mountain Dew, like, two times.
One time into the bag of Vanilla Wafers.
They got soggy and blue. D:
Gross. :/
What the Hell else do I want to say?
I don't know.
I know Beth's going to ask me about Chris at school on Monday, and I'm just going to tell her to fuck off, nothing's going to fucking happen, and she should just lay off.
Relationships don't make people happy.
Whoever believes they need somebody else is a fucking dumbass.
If you're happiness relies that much on a significant other, you're going to be pretty unhappy a lot.

Boyfriends/girlfriends are a load of horse shit anyways.
Who the shit gives a fuck?


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