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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blog Challenge.

30 Day Blog Challenge.
Yay, a new 30-day thing.
The last one I tried and failed was too FaceBook orientated.
This one will be better.

Day 1: 15 Facts About Me.
  1. I like all colors, but my favorite might be purple.
  2. I wish I lived in a different time, or a different place.
  3. I love The Dark Knight, and have posters of Heath Ledger as The Joker decorating my room. People say he's scary, but I'm in love. < 3
  4. I'm very self-conscious. (Duh)
  5. When I grow up, I either want to be a writer of some sort, a cosmetologist/hair stylist, a veterinarian or something dealing with animals, or something that will make me successful and famous. (-Insert fluttery eyes and sigh here.-)
  6. Right now, I'm craving sweets. :/
  7. My natural hair color is blonde, and it is blonde right now, and I think I want it dark...
  8. I don't like labels.
  9. I'm a hypocrite.
  10. I get annoyed easily.
  11. I don't think I have a "best friend".
  12. I don't believe in love; love terrifies me; nobody else can love me until I love myself. (As if that will ever happen.)
  13. I like weird clothing, things that have a message, or are completely pointless. If I was thinner, more people would see that.
  14. I compare myself to others obsessively.
  15. When someone bothers me, I obsessively trash them. Yeah, buddy, I can talk shit like no other.

Laterz, loveliez.

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