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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 5 & 6 and weight.

I'm failing at life;
In basically every way, shape, and form.
...I wish it was summer.
I want Warped Tour, and sun, and WI, and hakuna matata.

DAY 5: What's in my bag/purse?
Huh, this one's a little weird?
...I don't have a bag really, or a purse.
My backpack is empty, and my other, little bag only has another bag in it with my fox tail/ears in it; safe-keeping. xD
The only thing I have to have on me at all times is my phone, and that fits in my pocket.

DAY 6: My favorite book.
Hate all of these choices. Raewr.
  1. Perfect - Natasha Friend
  2. The Best Little Girl in the World - Steven Levenkron
  3. Fat Kid Saves the World - K.L. Going
  4. Dunk - David Lubar
  5. Sleeping Freshman Never Lie - David Lubar
  6. The Luckiest Girl in the World - Steven Levenkron
  7. The Host - Stephenie Meyer (No bitching about Stephenie Meyer until you've read this one, she's NOT a bad author)
  8. Cut - Patricia McCormick
Can't think of anymore... Blech.

Laterz, loveliez.

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