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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Apps and EDNOS.

I've been thinking a lot lately...
Like, I mean, more than usually.
I think I sort of might actually, maybe, have a, y'know, ...
Eating disorder?
It's, like, I don't want to fucking write it.
I don't want you guys, my gorgeous fucking followers, to read this and think:
"What the shit? Attention-whore much?"
It's like when I say I'm feeling "depressed", 'cause I know I'm not actually depressed.
People in the world are actually fucking suffering, and I'm just bitching/moaning/whining.

But, fucking God, seriously?
Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.
(^^That's legit, right?)
Why is that, like, scary?
I'm saying "like" too much.
I do it when I get nervous.

I got a new application on my iPhone.
Recommended by someone else, probably a few someone elses actually but yeah, so I went and bought it.
It was free actually, but you-fucking-know.
There's a website, too; and lots of you probably actually already have this, or have heard of it, or something, I guess...
It's My Fitness Pal, and I've only had it for a day and already like it.
Especially because I didn't count calories today, so I just pushed some buttons -tapped a screen really- and voila.

Chris texted me twice today, and I didn't reply. :/
He's also super all-for giving me rides home after school, if I don't want to stay after or don't have a ride and stayed after anyways.
... < 3
'Kay, done.
I should start blogging every day again, so I don't have these bullshit-long posts every once in a while.

Also, dunno if I mentioned this, but I *think* I was nominated for an award?
It was a long time ago, but yeah;
It was Nikki and she's awesome and I love reading her blog. < 3
(And she said I was adorable, which I totally love. ^^ )
If this award thing is legit -I've been saying that way too much lately...- than I'll have to get around to it.
Like, fuck, I'm so procrastinative.
Is that a word?
...It is now.

Laterz, loveliez.

Chris just texted me for the third time, in only two hours or something?
Okay, this might not be good...

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