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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blogger can bite it.

I dunno where the phrase 'bite it' comes from.
It's not some American thing -for those not in the U.S-, or a Northern thing -for those in the South-, and it's not a Minnesota thing -for those in the North, but not exactly here.
Yeah, I've posted where I'm from before, but I always do just the.... letters. What's that called?
MN, WI.... IO?
Mhm. I'm Minnesotan.
Hick, red-neck, mud-duck, wangster...?
Yeahhuh, it's called POP. Not soda or coke...
Also, I don't sound Canadian. This is the twin cities, not Fargo.
LOLjk, I'm not in the twin cities...
Why the shit am I talking about this?
We were talking about it last night, and making people say words.
Like toast, about, boom, room, pillow, boat, tubing...
I don't have an accent. You do. ;)
Seriously though. I don't.

Anyways, I'm not not -double negative, yeahbuddy- commenting on blogs because I'm gone, being a bad blogger/follower/friend, or just because I've gone totally down the drain.
I seriously can't.
This other e-mail I have somehow got connected to my blog and whenever I try to comment on anybody's shit it says that that e-mail isn't allowed to.
I log in with the e-mail I always use but it just doesn't work.
So if you ever get a comment from an anonymous and it's signed --Jessie, then yeah; that's me.

Fucking cricket in my basement.

I'm also going to be doing some major tweaking this week, just so you guys know.
My week... Too much is going on. I have a love/hate relationship with having plans.
I love it because it makes me feel good and like I actually have a life, but I hate the anxiety that comes with all of it.
I'm a huge bundle of raw nerves when I'm alone. I'm good at masking it, but oh em jay.
Monday(tomorrow) - Behind the Wheel and "Back To School Shopping". Fuck off.
Tuesday - Open House at school... UGH. Excited but not.
Wednesday - 16th Birthday... Who gives a flying fuck...
Thursday - Road test. KILL ME NOW IF I FAIL. And first football game of the year... And only I don't have to be in band for. TOO FAT FOR PUBLIC.
Friday - Labor Day -not Memorial, right? I always get those confused...- Weekend over East, last weekend before school starts....
Saturday, Sunday, Monday - Over East, then coming home.
I don't want to start this over again. This seemingly never-ending cycyle of leaving and returning, learning and sitting, being quiet and trying, passing and failing...

On the plus side, Addicted is on right now. It's pretty entertaining.

Laterz, loveliez.


  1. Ahhhhhh THANK YOU.
    when I go 2 another state and I ask for a pop people r like what's a pop?
    Happy 16th. Its really not that exciting. 18 is where Its at. :)

  2. We call it 'pop' in the UK as well, well most of us do. The only time I hear the word Soda, is for 'Soda water' (which is rare t hear, cause that stuff is nasty!!)

    Happpyy birthday :) Have a good one!

    At least you're not grounded indefinitely, and won't be able to celebrate your 18th :'(

    Anyways, stay safe :) x