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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Periods and hunger.

I haven't had my period in more than two months.
Should I have put a TMI alert on that?
I'm only mildly freaked out; like, not enough to tell my mom, but enough to talk to Beth about it.
She said that it happened to her and one of her other friends, only they didn't have theirs for at least a month or two longer, and they went to doctors and apparently it's "normal".
So, I'm only paranoid that it's not just some normal fucked up cycle -since my cycle has always been super fucked up anyways-, because it's me.
I've looked it up -Google, FTW- and there's all this scary shit and tweaking, more than likely pregnant teenagers.
Causes I've noticed and could possibly link to myself are stress and rapid weight loss/gain.
I've been basically gaining and losing the same ~10lbs for a few months.
Uh, what's the appropriate amount of time to push off telling my mom? I don't want to tell her...
Say whatever that this isn't my fault, but that's still fucking embarassing.
I don't know how it is, it just is to me.

Agh, anyways...
I'm super fucking hungry right now.
Shitshitshitfuckfuckfuck... dick.
I messed something up while I was reading everybody's shtuff -yeah, caught up on, like, a week of posts...
So I couldn't comment.
I'm too much of a lazyfatbitchass to go back and all that.
I'm sorry.
Sososo sorry.

Thanks for some of the comments on my last posts, Don't_Judge_Me, Cinnamon Brown, and Annie...
I don't know if I feel better. I mean, it's night time, and it's hard to "look on the bright side" when the sun isn't even up to help me find a "bright side".

There's a show on right now about a girl who lives on Michigan Island or something by herself...
I could do that. I'd just have to get electricity and Internet.
Then I'd be set.

Um, so, yeah.
That's it.
Laterz, loveliez.


  1. Hi Jessie,

    I'm leaving Blogger, so I just wanted to drop by and say thank you so much for your support and kindness, I really appreciate it. I wish you all the best for your future endeavours. <3. XXX.

  2. The first thing I though when j stopped having periods was that j was infertile, but domt worry about that, because my mum didn't have periods - after her eating disorder - until she Had me.

    Buy everything will be ok. Jut be strong xx