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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Breaking and milestones

This is my 200th post.
I would've reached it earlier but I accidentally deleted some posts during winter or spring break or something like that. I dunno.
200 posts documenting my disordered bullshit.
Much write. Many blog. Wow.

I didn't eat again today, just drank water and had a few sips of Thomas' vanilla float Dr. Pepper slushee thing from Taco Bell.
I think and, God, Opi hope I meet my goal tomorrow.
I lost a pound from yesterday and I just checked and I'm already down a pound from this morning.
It doesn't feel like it could be real. My parents and some of my friends know about my eating stuff and I've still managed to lose almost ten pounds this summer and not eat for the past two days.
I just want to have a good weight in the morning. Then if I can drop like two more pounds, I can eat without going back over my GW again.
I'm scared of not eating all week and then feeling sick or blacking out at Warped this weekend.
I think I might eat in the morning though... Not sure yet. It sounds kinda scary.
I won't have to eat dinner tomorrow because I'm going to hang out with Mickey.
I just can't eat when I'm with her and we'll walk around and do stuff and it should work out.

I'm really cold and tired. I'm gonna go to sleep.
Is anyone still reading this?

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