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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Opinions and music.

Okay, so after a bit of free publicity, I need everybody to seriously right now go check out Camille and her blog. http://thefatassprincess.blogspot.com/2011/07/my-answers-and-other-stuff.html She's basically fantastic and enertaining and all that good shtuff. :)

I'm just chilling in my room, listening to music, feeling apprehensive... if that's the right word to describe it.
I feel like I've gained from today, which is pretty fucking ridiculous.  My calories have to be below 600.
Body, I've said it before and I'll say it again; I HATE YOU AND YOU CAN FUCK OFF.
Kay, now that that's out...

I'm feeling better I think.
I just have to make myself feel happy like I used to, nobody's going to swoop into my life and make me smile all the time. I can do it by myself.

Um, I'm very sick of having blonde hair.
I don't know what I want exactly, I have ideas -psh, plenty, like awlways- but I fucking around from dark brown to blonde and back is pretty dumb.
Bleach doesn't totally fry my hair or even hurt my scalp or anything, but it's just time and money consuming and then it's orange and it takes a month or two to get the bronze out.
Yeah, whatever.
I want brown back, and my long hair.
Why did I cut all my hair off... Why?! It's so damn annoying.  It was okay while it was short, but now it's in the awful growing out-stage.
I cut it again today.
Totally fucked up some of my bangs, but I don't really care I guess.
Okay, I really fucking care, but it'll grow out and be fine. It always does/is.
Cut some layers, might've ended up doing exactly what was done to my hair last year that prompted me to chop it off.
I won't again, Beth would murder me. xD

What do you guys think? What color should I dye my hair for the upcoming school year?
(I'm staying blonde until the end of summer, I think...)

I think I had more to say but I got distracted.
Eugh, hate it when that happens.


*Quick thanks to all of my 32 followers! In the beginning, I was excited about having 8, and now I have 32... The counters been fucking up or something or else I'm just not a very pleasing person, because from yesterday I've apparently lost two and then a little later got another...
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  1. I think your hair is pretty now! hmm, maybe like a brownish color? I think that would look good, like a darkish? Idk if you could do that though since your hair is so blonde now, it might look funny if you go from blonde to somthing so dark. maybe just darker your hair? or some low lights would be cute too. I love your style btw. your pic on thin is so adorable. :D

    and also, 600 calorie is nothing girl. you're not gaining weight, it's just that dumb little voice in your head.

    take care love. :)

  2. The follower count on blogger is weird. I don't know if it messes up or people unsub or what, but sometimes it goes up then soon after goes down. I wouldn't worry about it unless you lose a ton of people & even then it only matters if you even care, lol.

  3. I love blonde hair :) Wish I had it! I don't think I'd ever have the stones to get it properly dyed blonde, I wish I did though.
    What about ombre hair? Though if it's short, that might not work... x

  4. I think you should keep the blonde and like dye it different colors. Add some green,orange tips to your hair. I got a half shaven on my hair,and I'm dying that green,adding green tips to my bangs and the ends of my hair.

  5. golden brown with auburn high lights! Or go for blonde with golden low-lights.

  6. Feeling like you've gained is probably the worst thing ever. I get too scared to get on the scales when this happens! But I guess you've gotta to scare yourself = motivation!

    Stay strong and safe :) xx