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Monday, July 11, 2011

Wounds and boredom surveys.

OK, so, what is there to say...
Warped was really good. :) I was almost in front for GO RADIO. Like, OMG; lovelovelove. < 3
I sang/screamed the lyrics for all of Goodnight Moon, and it was amazing.
Also saw Simple Plan and got to hear Welcome To My Life -also sang/screamed along. :D
Saw a bit of I Set My Friends On Fire -only long enough to hear But the NUNS Are Watching, which is really the only song I know by them.
And saw a bit of Blood On the Dance Floor as well -once again, only long enough to hear Sexting... then I zoned out of listening to them.
And was able to witness the biggest circle pit, like, EVER. I wasn't in it, but I was up on a hill and could actually see it from above -pretty shweet. 'Twas A Day to Remember, and Deli and I didn't participate in it because she had a headache and I did as well -get to that in a second.
Bought a horseshoe Go Radio necklace - < 3 -, a Vans anchor tank top -< 33-, got a free Vans pink/black checkered bag with the shirt -< 3-, and a pink 'FUCK CANCER' wristband.
Irony about the wristband? I've smoked this summer, but I'm done with all that -hopefully. What was even more ironic was that Dan was smoking while wearing his.
Yeah, he's sort of dumb/hypocritical.
Um, anyways, while there I hit my head... LOL. We were going under some caution tape, and there was a door open that I didn't even notice -perhaps that was why there was caution tape, or else we just weren't supposed to be back there... :P Hit my head on some sharp thing that was on the door while getting up, but it didn't hurt that bad so I just kept on following Deli and Dan.
I got a little tweaked a second later though, so I ran my fingers through my bangs -had my hair up and hit my head where it was parted- and looked in the black reflective side of the Monster truck.
I was bleeding. :P
A lot.
It went down my face and was all up in my hair and got to my mouth, and when the guy in the Monster truck made me sit down it dripped once on my shirt, twice on my pants, and quite a bit on the back of my calf.
Had to get sort of escorted to the Medical Tent and sit down and drink water, but it wasn't bad enough for stitches so I just had to wait there until I cleaned up all the blood.
The white towel they gave me looked pretty gnarly afterwards. :P
And I'd just dyed my hair pink/green -instead of pink/purple-blue-, and my hair started dripping green after I got pretty much all the blood off.
Yeah, bad highlight of the dye...
But people were making jokes -like the guy in the truck said "Here's the story: I was getting beat up by some big, black guy and you came and saved my ass, but got a little hurt in the process"; the first guy that looked at the cut smart assed that "the blood [was] turning my hair pink"; and Dan made up another story about how were looking for his two friends we went with and were asking around and some guy called them faggots so I freaked out and they jumped me.
Yeah, one actually did believe him, the other just called me a dumbass when Dan said he was kidding.

I'm all chill now, it just sort of stings -only enough for me to know it's there, though.
Yeah, and I think that's it...
But I'm bored enough to do a survey type thing, which Samzi did and I am copying from her blog. :)
Don't feel obligated to even glance at it, it's a distraction of sorts I suppose.


*Comment replies
@Don't_Judge_Me; I'm not even sure I'm a big fan of PT anyways...
Ha, if you have dreams weirder than little girls smoking crack that their grandma gives them than I'm not sure if the trade is a good idea... ;P

@CinnamonBrown; I ended up having some Friday/Saturday binges, but over the weekend I only gained back one pound of the five. :D I'm sure your losing just as nicely anyways, since everything I've lost is just binge weight.
What do macaroons taste like anyways? Are they like cookies? ...I think I'd rather save them up and put them on the shelf in my room than eat them though. xD ...Do you think 'pineapple-under-the-sea' flavor would be more pineapple-ish, or sea-ish? o.o
Please don't binge drink! It won't do any good; it's just empty calories. :(
I'm already feeling a bit better today, thanks. :)

@PrincessPerfection; Yeah, that's what it is. Don't get me wrong, it can be really helpful and entertaining, but there are things on there that some people could consider triggering
Warped was fun, thanks. :)

@Samzi; Wewt, thanks. :D
Yeah, maybe that's why I don't like it as much as I used to; I've gotten much more connection, support, and understanding here on Blogger than there. Nothing can really compare I guess.
Gained back one of those five after the weekend, and four pounds isn't nearly as impressive of a loss, but y'know; it was all binge weight anyways, so it's not some great feat like everybody else -or maybe I on that post- made it out to be.
If you get the chance, you should definitely go; highest of recommendations from me. :)

*Posting survey on different post, because this one is already so long.

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