(Can You Feel My Heart -- Bring Me the Horizon)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I got my period.
It makes me feel really gross.
It used to be "so awesome"; I never got cramps or headaches or felt sick, it was "just bleeding".
I don't feel good today, though. I can't take a shower or bath either -I don't think-, because last time my vision kept on fucking up and going all black and I really didn't like it...

It sort of makes me not want to eat, though. I mean, like, there's cravings, but food so far -which has all been shit anyways- has just made things worse afterwards.
Plus I'm tired, have homework, and am fat, so that deters me from eating too.
Jeez, MLIA.

Couldn't even think of a title for this. Fuck it.



  1. I've really missed your blogs so it's nice to see you blogging more these days. I can sympathise with the period cause I used to be the exact same and get no pain or anything but now it's fucking killer. Also you're not fat, you're gorgeous. Feel better soon, lovely. <3

  2. I used to have no problems with my periods most of the time. I would be moody for like the week before but it was never bad but in the past several months my periods had become so irregular and my moods got super bad and I started getting cramps and everything and it was so bad that I got on bc to try to fix it.