(Can You Feel My Heart -- Bring Me the Horizon)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sick and tired.

Ughughugh, I'm sick.
Not cool.
Stuffy nose, congestion.
Is that the word. Gross.
My head feels clogged.
Lol. That sounds even nastier.
It made me a little tweak-y throughout the day.
In a good way.
First hour contained some of the least funny shit ever that had me laughing pretty much the whole time.

I have a lot of knots in my neck and back. Fuckinghurts, uncomfortable.

Today was also a very sugar-filled day.
I'm surprised I was able to nap and still be tired now.
Like, no joke. Cinnamon roll, Danish roll, Twizzlers, Sour Patch Kids... God, help me?

I can only breathe out of half my nose right now..

I really need to try harder. Anybody have any inspirational/motivational words they'd like to share.
Much appreciated...

Um, I never know how to end these now.
I think I'm getting a bit more normal here though.

I'm tired.


  1. Awww I'm sorry your sick! No fun whatsoever. I tend to eat more than I should when I'm sick and stuck at home with nothing to do. I'd say just keep yourself occupied and avoid the kitchen. I always catch myself randomly opening and closing the fridge when I'm bored. Oh and Of course that's you in my post! There is no other Jessie who is worth mentioning! Hope you feel better!! <3

  2. Hope you feeeeeel better! I usually take a shiton of sleeping pills and knock myself the hell out for two days. I don't eat and generally I feel a little bit better when I awaken from the medically induced semi-coma! :D Xo Xo

  3. I have the worst allergies in the world right now! So I can related to the congestion. I even sneezed all over this guy who was helping me get a new phone at verizon yesterday...it was disgustingly hilarious lol But yeah Feeling this way is making me not want to go to the gym and just eat ramen noodles and drink hot chocolate all day. I feel like a fat ass. But I've found that as horrible as a workout sounds, it always makes me feel better in almost everyway...try to fit a workout in if you're up to it!