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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Parties and Lion King.

I can't come put with titles for posts lately.
Seriously, it's ruh-tarded.
I have to go tell my brother it's almost time for him to go to sleep... in a few minutes.
Ugh. :P

Anyways, tomorrow I think I'm going to a birthday party...
Yeah, not many seventeen year olds have parties anymore... plus, this girl isn't one of my closer friends, so it might be a little weird.
I didn't really want to go until I heard today that we're going to go see Lion King.
Been craving that movie.
Is that weird? To crave a movie? Pft, I do it all the time.
Okay, maybe not all the time... I'm really bad at watching movies lately; not even lately, longer than that.
I can't focus.
Muppet theme song? Okay then...

Anyways, still not for sure if I'm totally up for the party tomorrow, but I sort of have to go now.
I said I would, and I am excited, and I have fun with everybody that's there.
I'm just occasionally a bit louder and more inappropriate than all of them...
They're not my first choice, I guess.
Plus, they're still sort of... how do I say this.
Like, they're more mature than I am, but it's like they're less mature at the same time?
Yeah, hard to explain.

This is really long, sort of.
I had more to say, and I forgot.

Um, thanks anybody who comments for commenting, and I know I used to actually reply to those on here, but I don't know if I'm going to in the future...
If you guys want me to, I can, because comments seriously make my day, like, x100.

And now my train of thought is gone.
I'm tired.
I didn't do my homework.



  1. Your friend situation sounds exactly like my group of friends in high school lol AND I went to see the lion king last weekend and was super excited and had a legittt time! GO SEE IT!!

  2. I saw the Lion King Tuesday night! My 21 year old sister and her 21 year old friend wanted to see it and I decided I would go because it would get me out of the house and I haven't been to a movie theater in over a year. That is my sister's favorite movie.

  3. Wow, have a nice time at this Lion King watching! I have never seen the Lion King films, I was more of a Princess girl when I was young.. so it's all about Cinderella and the Little Mermaid for me ;P xx

  4. I want to see the Lion King SO FREAKING BAD!

  5. Lion King brings back great memories, lol When i watched it I remembered when i was like 4 years old when i first when to see it in theaters and then i thought to myself...crap! I am old! hahhaha. hope u had a fun time at the party