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Monday, November 22, 2010

Concerts and fear.

All right, I'm typing on my phone and it SUCKS. D;
It's an iPhone so it's not completely horrible, but I'm still not very into it..
Maybe I should just go grab my laptop, but I really don't feel like it..
Mom's out there and I just know she'll ask what I'd like for dinner.
I want NOTHING. :/
I don't want to eat.
God, I'm pissed I've been put in this mood/mind again. Last week was soo normal-ish and now I feel like starving.. BLEH.
I'm not even sure what happened to kill my joy, I was just chillin' in my room last night, thinking and stuff, when I suddenly just felt terrified. :/
Adrenaline rushed through my arms -not kidding, WTF?- and I just felt horrible.
The horrible feeling stuck 'round for a while, and I ended up obsessively playing Solitaire for an hour or so... :p
Then I couldn't fall asleep, and I even got so wound up in myself that I seriously had a thought that it was too quiet.
I don't even mean my house, I meant my head. I've NEVER thought anything like that before... It was weird, and a but freaky... But I've laughed it off and junk now.

Anyways; the bad mood kept until morning, and I've still got it. I won't eat, and I know I'll have a HELL of a time falling asleep tonight... Eh.
But now I just need a plan on how to escape dinner, since my mom's more than likely going to try to shove food up my arse... Or down my throat? Haaa.
'Spose I'll just go and shower, I've got a band concert in an hour and a half. :p
Oh, yeah, I play the flute.. Have been since a bit into sixth grade, which makes this my fifth year. :o
I DON'T particularly want to go, I love playing and all... But the shirt I've gotta wear makes me look bigger than usually. :/

WHY IS THIS SO LONG? I mean, jeeeeeeze. Nobody's going to want to read this...
Well, I doubt anyone would want to read it if it was short, too. My life's boring and I've got too many opinions and too much to ramble on about...

OKAY, I'm done.

Latuhhhhh. < 3456789

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