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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Faiilll. [x2]

All I ever write about on here is how much I fail at life.
I fail at everything, including this.
Broke a fast not even 36 hours in, kept eating aaalll day.
Estimated calories about 1,783... Jeez, that's precise.
But then I went to a friend's, so better just make that an even 2,000.
Ew. I'm fat.
But is it weird that all day I felt, like.... normal-ish? I mean, like, I definitely hinged or whatever, but I was sort of okay with that? Sort of like... like I wasn't constantly worried about my weight or how fat I was getting from eating.
Ugh, well maybe I sort of did obsess over that, I mean I dont usually keep a close tab on my cals throughout the day...
But, umm, like... UGH. Dont know how to describe it...
Or maybe I only felt all right 'cause I thought I was burning some of it off, I was standing around/walking practically all day.
Yup, I was wrong.
I've gained 2 pounds since this morning.
Don't know if that's completely accurate 'cause i've got my monthly, but idc.
All-in-all, just another normal, fail day in the life of me -a teenage girl with entirely too many flaws and too many secrets.

Latuhhhhh. < 3456789

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