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Friday, November 26, 2010

Fuck this.

Yesterday sucked
Yup, I'm not a big fan of Thanksgiving anymore.  It's, like, UGH.
Gained I think... four pounds yesterday? Yeh, somethin' like that...
And my monthly present came, so I'm in a FUCK-IT-ALL mood...
But I won't go eat, nope I won't.  I won't eat for as long as I can.
...I've just got to keep rationalizing that the reason I get put in these shitty moods is my weight and the absolute awful size I am, so eating wouldn't help me one bit.
Blahblahblah, besides food, yesterday was all right.
Didn't go shopping today, which is sort of stupid, and my dad wasn't able to get me a laptop since he got up too late and so they were sold-out when he got to WalMart. :\
I can't think of a bright side.

Latuhhhh. < 3456789

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