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Monday, June 13, 2011

Night time and pet names.

I've got a habit of calling people "babe", "boo", "love", and all those other weird pet names.
It's actually only one person, and it's over the Internet, but y'know.
So if I ever call one of you guys that, like on a comment or something, think nothing of it...
Especially if you're not fond of it...
Maybe then tell me to fuck off.
Or you could tell me to fuck off anyways, no doubt people want to. xD
...That's really not that funny, isn't it?

I've been thinking too much, it's bothering me.
I want to vent, which is why I'm making a second post.
Nobody -me- would blame you if you stopped reading now.

Okay, so I'm pretty sure I'm not transgendered or transexual or whatever it is.
I don't have anything against anybody who is like that, and 'scuse my ignorance.
I honestly don't even know if those are the right words for what I've been thinking...
Anyways, today I just seriously wished I had a dick.
Like, I don't want to be a girl.  It's not even just 'cause I have the monthly.
If I was a boy though... I would probably be a huge jack-ass. xD
Notice the icon at the top? Yeeaaahhhh.
Or else I'd be major effeminate, androgynous, gay.
No, probably bi...

Okay, major question time; like, seriously.
If you're bi, or even if you're not and you have some kind of legit answer for this, what happens when you get married?  Or even if you're just in some kind of serious relationship?
Are you still going to say you're bi?  Or are you just going to cut the shit -that sounds insulting, DON'T MEAN IT THAT WAY- and say I'm straight/gay -depending on your gender and who you married-?
I've seriously ALWAYS wondered that... Or, like, I have for a while anyways.

I feel better now.
I dunno, I guess I totally just felt bad 'cause I saw this thing of a little chubby kid...
It reminded me of my brother, and it pissed me off and made me cry at the same time.
I hate people. I just hate them.
I'm so terrified that my brother's going to have to go through stff that I went through, and it's going to screw him up.
I want to cry again.
I'm just scared.  He's my fucking brother, I'm the only one that gets to mess with him; if anyone's going to make him feel bad or make him cry, it'll be his one and only fucking older sister, no little sons and daughters of bitches and whores are ever going to touch him.
Ass will be kicked, most definitely.

I don't even mean that anything like bad has ever happened to him before.
He's popular.  Seriously, I'm almost jealous. LOL.
He hung out alone with nine girls today, at Vallefair.
It's like, LAWLwut?

This is too long, sorrehh.
I have a plan though, for the next twenty-seven or however many days it is until July tenth.
Weight loss plan, obvi.
Since I fail at life.

Latuhz, loveliez.

Comment replies*

@Skinny Fat Girl;
I don't really know what it is I said that came off sad?
Sometimes I think I'm Bipolar...
LOL, as if.
But, thank you anyways. Means a lot. < 3456789

LAWL, that's awesome.
I thought I was one of the only people that looked for things like that in pictures. xD
Best(/worst?) part is I know a girl like that IRL, and she's naturally like that.
She eats candy everday, and she lost a pound over Winter break.
It sucked sitting in front of her in SpanishII. xD

Oh, hey, but before I goooooo;
-This is directed at everybody that's scrolled down this far... xD-
People in the UK and other places that generally aren't the US say they have to do revision all the time?
Is that just another word for studying?  'Cause it makes me think of revising papers, like for English...
But you can't do that in Math?
Answering my dumb questions would be awesome. x3


  1. OMG sometimes I seriously wish I were fucking dude! they have it so much easier! they're tall, lean and can burn fat in like a fuckin' second! My husband is 6'3" and eats WHATEVER HE WANTS. He's such a lucky bastard.

    And if you call me "babe" or "boo" or whatever, I won't take it offensively! I find those nicknames endearing!

  2. I'm from the UK and yeah revising is the same as studying, it's weird that we use different words.

    Oh and about the bi thing. I was in a pretty serious relationship and I still classed myself as bi, even though we weren't married or anything. Being in a relationship didn't change who I was, I thought it might have done but it didn't.

    And...you sound like an awesome sister!
    Sorry, this is long lol. Okay, byyee! <3

  3. Totally get the whole wish i was a dude thing ^___^ frequently feel such and tell my BF so. Not to mention the crazy metabolism and calorie burning just BEING a man does... And if you're bi i guess you just say it, i mean i do, and even though i've been in relationships i still say it - cause it isn't gonna change suddenly?
    Revising and studying are the same, and you can revise for a math paper, (which is what i should be doing instead of following blogs i find xD) x