(Can You Feel My Heart -- Bring Me the Horizon)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Razors and shtuff.

Argh, my life is so boring.
I can't tell if time is moving too fast or too slow...
It's... awkward?

I'm listening to songs that I used to cut to...
Like, listen to while cutting? IDFK.
It's a bit ironic since this is the first time in a while that I've listened to this band and shtuff and it's also the first time in a while that I've had razors in my possession -like, close-at-hand.
Directly next to me on my desk, to be precise...
Are you scared?  So am I.
Just kidding, you shouldn't be scared.
I don't know why I said I was kidding?

Anybody else have trigger music? You don't have to name it if you don't want, just curious.

This is going to be a depressing post. I can already tell.
It's like... out with the new, in with the old?
I try to be happier, like... for you guys.
Nobody wants to read oh-so-sad, my-life-sucks, triggertriggertrigger, cutbingefatfatfat posts.
Sorry. Sorrysorrysorrysoryy.

Actually, nope, changing pace.
I want to try something.
Anybody ever seen fiveawesomegirls on YouTube?
If not, go look them up; it's done now, but it could be entertaining...
Yeah, I only watched at first for Haley but whatever. xD

Anyways, yeah;
What happened in your day today that was awesome?
I'm serious; think of something and comment and tell me.
It can be anything, ANYTHING.
That's a broad as Hell statement, but I'm not joking.
Everybody, right now, just scroll down and do it.
Or, even if you don't comment, think of something.
Don't think nothing; there's something about everyday, even if it's just the littlest thing.
Maybe you watched your favorite movie, sat and pet your animal for a while, hung out with your family or friends, or maybe you did nothing -and liked it.
I'm going to try and do this for a full week.
Yeah, that does mean posting everyday... Which will be strange.
And difficult since I won't be in-state or really near good service this weekend...
But I'll do it, and I'd be super honored if somebody else did too; whether it was in comments on my posts or in their own posts.
Also, you don't have to say your day was awesome; you can say it was nice, good, lovely, fucking spectacular... y'know, be creative. ;)
< 3

Today was awesome because I was slightly productive and emptied the dishwasher, which I never do.
And because I decided was going to stop being so lazy and be my "regular", could-possibly-be-described-as-upbeat self again and go and comment everybody's blogs.



  1. I'm just gonna put this out there. I have a huge internet crush on you. lmfao. IDK just the wording of your comments, and your posts remind me of the kind of fun people I love to be around.

    My day today (ooo...I'm cheating it's 1am...so my day YESTERDAY) was pretty okay, nothing tragic happened which is a plus, and I did watch awesome improv comedy. Seriously check out Drew Carry's improv-a-ganzva and tell me you don't laugh

  2. Hey!

    Most exciting thing that happened to me this morning: I'm down 2.2lbs! Yeah, Baby! I promised myself I'd only weigh in once a week, but sometimes my compulsions get the better of me! What can I say, it's part of the human condition!

    Music that triggers me? This album:


    This song in particular:


    Oops, my age is showing!

    Also, I cuddled the stuffing out of my kittehs this morning. Oh, the horror!


    Have a great day! <3. XXX.

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  4. You really are awesome, you know that? I love reading your blog!

    I just got up so nothing spectacular has happened yet so I'll use something that happened yesterday instead. I thought it was hilarious how my 10 year old nephew spend about 20 minutes trying to get me out his room and I mean kicking me off the bed, pushing me into the wall...everything, and he still didn't manage lol. He did all this because he lost his game and he wanted to be embarrassed on his own. If he hadn't made such a fuss about getting me out the room I probably wouldn't have even noticed, lmao. It's a strange thing to make me happy but it as freaking hilarious.

    Hope you're having a lovely day, dear. <3

    Edit: Sorry I had to delete my last comment cause I forgot my 'w' key isn't working and I need to copy and paste that letter everytime I use it, it's so annoying.

  5. My day was awesome because I am at the beach in North Carolina all week! :D
    'Nuff said. :)
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  6. Back in high school I would cut while listening to Linkin Park. Even though I don't cut anymore, I still listen to them when I'm in a lot of pain. It's like I'm psychology connected to them when I'm depressed. It's weird.

    I hate dishwashers. I try to con my husband into emptying it. lol