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Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer and boredom.

So far, this has sucked.
Like, holyshit.
I've been alone, in my room, for far too long.
I think I've said before that I wouldn't mind being a hermit, but I don't know now...
I don't want exactly to be with people, I just want to be not bored all the time. :P
I planned things I could do today, and didn't do anything.
Maybe that's a bit of it, but yeah.
It still sucks.

Life might as well stop during summer.

Then again, maybe this is all because the feeling of summer hasn't hit me yet.
My mom and brother have been home with me both days, so it's just felt like a break, not summer break.
I'm still mildly stressed, like the under-skin kind of stress that you always feel during the school year?  Constantly wondering if you're forgeting something, if you've got homework/assignments to do, or if you're 'bout to get grounded for having shit grades?
I used to think it was summer weeks before it actually was, and now I hardly can tell any difference.

It blowz.

Latuhz, loveliez.

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