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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brunette and blonde.

I'm blonde again.
After two-and-a-half hours at a salon, I'm blonde again.
It's sort of orange, but whatever.
I haven't decided if I like it yet...
I thought I did, but now I'm like eh.

Whenever my hair is dark, I want it light.
Whenever it is light, I want it dark.
Just like with length;
Ah, fuck.

I can't straighten it as much anymore. :/
Or I have to use a lower heat setting and blahblahblah.
It doesn't feel major dead, which is a plus. :P

Sadly, I'm not doing leg lifts tonight.
Fuck this whole bullshit, I'm tired, and I just finished doing fucking English work and it's 10:00.
I'll hate myself in the morning...
But I'll deal with that when the time comes.
On the plus side, I get to sleep in an extra half hour, because I don't have to shower in the morning. xP

Uh, yeah...
I'll put up a picture of my hair, like, tomorrow.

Ah, thanks; this eating stuff just totally bothers me. I've got zero self-control -ZERO.
I actually don't think I'd ever end up in an abusive relationship, I'm too... roar-intense-dick-ish to let that happen.
And I'd hit back... Maybe. :P
Find someone? HAH, I don't really think so.
What I want in a "relationship" isn't what other people want.

Haha, thank you; I'm here for you too.
< 3456789

I'm going to finish printing this dumb vocabulary stuff, and go to sleeeepppp.

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