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Monday, March 7, 2011

Helping and 100!

This is my hundredth post...

So, today was our school's talent show.
I just got home a few minutes ago...
Yeah, I was at school THAT long.
Got there at 7, got home at 9:00-9:15ish.
Ohshit, BRB.
Gotta do leg lifts, commercial.

All right;
So, I wasn't totally at the school the whole time. n.n
I hung out with D.
'Kay, mega-quick story.
So, while I was "gone" and whatever, he was dating the chick whose brother kicked his ass at the beginning of the year. They weren't talking and blahblahblah, and he broke up with her over FaceBook.
150% LULZ, right?
Yeah, but like, he said he was going to just chill single for a while.
Then, two weeks ago, there was the Snow Week Dance...
My ex- was there -actin' like a clingy bitch... until he left early :/ -, and D was there... and we sort of totally fucking hit it off.
Or so I, and quite a few others thought.
Like, later that night or the next fucking day, he started dating some frosh who ISWEARTOGOD had a boyfriend...
Ever since then, he's been a distant son-of-a-bitch, and I've had to act like IDGAF.
I gave a fuck, but I'm not really sure why.
[Insert nonchalant shrug, habitual lip biting, and quick glance at floor here.]
It's no big deal.
ANIWAYZ [...2?]; D and his current aren't really talking...
And he's all like "Well, WTF, oh IDC, OH WELL," about it, so I'm not 100% on the whole thing...
I dunno.
Today we hung out for, like, two-ish hours, and it was like:
Get what I'm sayin'.
Oh, nah nah?
Oh yeah, you got it, yeah?
LAWL, fuck.
Nothing will happen, but I do dream about this bullshit sometimes. :P
Yup, nothingnothingnothingnothing.

Hm. @Thinkypure ('Twas you, right? D: );
[This might not actually be a full reply or whatever, I don't feel like going and looking at the comment.. :P]
I will start commenting blogs. n.n
Just, not always ones about bad days.
I like hearing things more than just 'It'll be okay', 'Tomorrow's another day', and shtuff -sometimes-, so I'd like to be tosaymore than justthat to others...
But I never know what to say. :X
I'm a bad cheer-er up-per. xD

SHIT. This is like the 2nd commercial I've missed.
Damndamndamn. I'mma be up for, like, ever doing leg lifts.
Fuuuckkk meeee.


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  1. Thank you so much for your blog comment. :)

    And grats on the 100th post :P

    What is this thing going on with the leg lifts? Is it 50 a commercial break?

    And sorry to break your dreams but I think this D guy just seems to be a waste of time, unless he doesn't actually know you like him? lol.