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Thursday, March 17, 2011

High school and boys.

High school can be so fucking dramatic.
I sort of like it, sometimes;
I thrive on drama, depending on what exactly it is.
I find it funny, and I haven't been caught up in it in years.
Sure, I add to it all the time, but nobody ever says shit to me.
I know lots of people probably hate me, 'cause I can talk so much shit, but I don't care -sometimes.

One thing I don't like about high school is the fact that relationships aren't just between two people.
EVERYBODY has to get fucking INVOLVED.
Or maybe that's just me, and my group of friends.
Holy shit, I just hate it when people are like:
"OMG, Jessie, I think he likes you! :D"
The last time this happened, it sucked.
Both times, actually.
My ex and D.
Ugh, I hate thinking about this.
I know I say this ALL THE TIME, but seriously;
Me and relationships, we don't FIT.
It's like I'm made different, and I don't UNDERSTAND.
How can somebody like someone THAT MUCH?
For longer than a week or two?
And want to be around them everyday, all day?
What the fuck do you do? What the Hell do you talk about?
I feel really jumbled thinking about this.

Somebody needs to fix me.
Like, just take a glue stick and put the pieces together, hook up a computer to my brain and feed me the right words and thoughts.

I don't like feeling like this.

Shit, I'm a nutter.


I need to lose 30-40-50 pounds before anybody could see means a girlfriend anyways.
When I lose it, maybe things will make sense.
Keep the gluestick on hold though, just in case this breaks me more than repairs me.


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