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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bullshit and school.

I'm in the car with Ann and one of her friend's on the way to school...
I had a mini-binge before school.
Blah. Nomorefood.

I have to stay after today, and wait for my mom; AGAIN. .-.
Ann and Jean have softball, captain's practice. :P

Oh yeah, 100, yeah. xD
Oh, the leg lifts -yeah, I sometimes do that. xD
Every night I have to do 150, and sometimes I have to space it around whatever the Hell I'm doing. xP
Ah, D is probably a total waste of time.
But if it gets anywhere ever, it'll end up being a waste of his time.
...His girlfriend broke up with him over FaceBook Monday night.
Major legit karma. xD
He doesn't know I like him.
And he probably never will. xD
I like flings better than relationships anyways.
So I can just dream. xD

Ugh. School.

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