(Can You Feel My Heart -- Bring Me the Horizon)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Exhaustion and Day 20.

I'm so fucking tired.
Like, really.
I walked home today.
And have eaten less than 300 calories.
...My brother took out ice cream cake, though.

DAY 20: A photo of somewhere I've been to

At the top of the ex-Sears Tower.
Is it Willis Tower now?
This is in the clear box, at the very top.
I don't remember how many feet up, but it's, like, the second tallest building in the world?
I wasn't scared, not really.
It was awesome.
...And sticky fingering the gift shop at the bottom?
All I got was a key chain.

*Headdesks, slips off desk, and crumples into a heap on the floor.*
Only nineteen more days of school...

Laterz, loveliez.

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  1. I hate it when people bring out the sweets. Hopefully you were able to avoid it.