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Monday, May 30, 2011

Being sick and vacation.

I need summer. Like, now.

Memorial Weekend == camping. Obvi. :P
Friday night - Monday morning, in WI with family and family friends.
Hung out with a girl that's my age, my grade, my school, but we're not "friends".
Like... She's far too concerned about what other people think to talk to me IN PUBLIC.
Or that's how I see it, at least, but now I sort of feel mean for saying that. Shit.
Dig? Yeah.

S'okay, I guess I felt like being B.A this weekend.
Bad... ATTITUDE. (LAWL, jokez.)
Stole a pack of cigarettes from my dad, and drank maybe half of a Keystone Light.
Such a rebel, eh?
The beer was total shit but we were told to "gulp it fast" (not by our parents, FYI), and I only had 5 cigs all weekend...
Took some hits off some fake weed junk.
Didn't get high in the least.
Pretty sure my "friend" was fake baked, otherwise she's just a bit over-the-top annoying occasionally when she's "up there".
Texted Deli and told her what's up, and I apparently 'owe her now'.
As in, maybe I'll actually get high this summer.
Who the fuck knows.

It's late-ish and I'm tired and sick.
Sick like the stuffy, coughing shit.
And it's not even the phlegm-in-the-throat cough anymore.
It's a pathetic AHEM thing or something.
So annoying.
And I can't breathe out my nose properly without annoying myself.
It's almost midnight.
I want an energy drink.
I want sleep.

I think I gained over the weekend, too.
I hate even admitting that, I hate thinking about it, I hate that you guys have to see this constantly.
Can you say gross reverse-thinspo?
Story of my life.

Oh, and guys, if you're ever having some bad day/week/year, whatever, and you're posting about it and I'm not saying anything...
I am reading, and I do care, I just can't always think of things to say.

Unlike Thin or Not, who has been leaving me lots of comments lately. < 3
I love you guys, in a weird lesbian I-don't-know-you-but-I-seriously-WANT-you sort of way...
Not the love part though. That's legit.

Latuhz, lovelies.

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