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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Liquids and fasts.

You've probably already put the title together, and figured out that I want to juice fast.
Perceptive little one, aren't you?
Lol. Kidding, y'know I love you.

I don't like putting names to my fasts.
Like, at all.
For example, I don't say "I'm fat, so I'm going to fast today."
I just think "Gross, I'm not eating today."
The word fasting, to me, seems to symbolize more than just "not eating".
And I wouldn't be doing it for any reason other than to feel empty and loose weight.

So, smoothies and raw fruits/veg are allowed for me.
I just read Skinny Bitch, and it makes me want to go hxc veggie.
Aka, vegan.
Ugh, poor animals, hideous humans. :(

Anyways, we'll see how this goes.
Or, I will at least.
I've stayed the same weight for three days.

Latuhz, lovelies.

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