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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ugh and Day 21-28.

why can't i be assed to use capitalization right now?
i think i fucking spelled that wrong ^.
it's been a bad week.
plus side? i've got good friends.
like, the good-good kind.  the kind that doesn't talk shit.
...i still talk shit, though. like nobody's damn business.
one day, everyone's going to get together and decide they don't want me anymore.
"jessie is such a fucking wannabe. like, jesus, what a whore. slutbag, skank, ugly, fatfatfatfatfattie."

damn. that will suck.

sometimes i think i'm in love.
then i remember that love is bullshit; it happens to the luck and deserving, and then it probably is just some weird and lovely tolerance -not the legit thing or whatever.

DAY 21: My favorite TV show
Uh... Hard Times of RJ Berger, My Life As Liz, Pretty Little Liars, and Skins.
Then all the kick-ass oldies I watched growing up.

DAY 22: Something I don't leave the house without
My iPhone.

DAY 23: My celebrity crush
I don't really have one... Anyone I had at one point found appealing, needs a fucking haircut.
Andy Sixx and Max Green, for example.
They're still a bit sexy, though.
And the members of Alesana and Stereo Skyline.

DAY 24: A photo of something that means a lot to me
Holy shit, that's old.
...Aren't I cool.

DAY 25: Three good things that have happened in the past 3 months
I don't fucking know...
  1. I started hanging out with my new group of friends, nearly every Friday
  2. I passed a few tests, handed in a lot of homework, kept up my grades; got a stupid as shit "Perfect Attendance" award -that had to get hand delivered, since I refused to go to the 'ceremony' thing
  3. I realized what a dick my ex-boyfriend and now ex-friend is
DAY 26: My favorite memory
I seem to store only bad memories, so unless it's recent I don't know.
...I can't remember any specifics, but there were days in sixth grade that I felt fucking awesome.
I had a boyfriend, I had "friends", and I actually liked being alive and going day-to-day.
I smiled a lot, and laughed a lot.

DAY 27: What I'm currently reading
Nothing outside of school.
I read 1984 over the weekend, and now we're reading Shakespeare's Caesar in class.

DAY 28: My favorite place
My room, I think.
Or the lake up in WI.

don't worry, dear nobody-that-reads-this.
i'm almost done.

i painted my nails today.
i want to do a thing this summer, where i've always got my nails looking nice and my legs are always smooth.
and i want to stop eating, but idk about that.

yeah, i got un-lazy for those 30 day things, but now i'm lazy again.
fuck off.

just kidding.

laterz, loveliez.

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  1. I'm glad that you have a good people around you, and I hope that your new group are giving you a good time :)

    Don't worry about capital letters, either, people get you ;P

    stay strong beautiful :) xx