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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Avoiding and procrastinating.

I've been in my room for, like, evar;
Basically just avoiding food.
Goooooo me!
Hah, not.
I feel pretty pathetic actually, but y'know.
I want these next ten pounds gone FAST.

Huh, I actually just had to think for a second if you get in to the 30s before or after the 20s and 40s...
It sounds dumb, but it made more sense in my head..;
Until I realized that I was being dumb?
Ehmagawd; xD

Uh. I have to do Algebra II.
I don't feel like it.
It might be the easiest thing we've done in that class in a while;
But I don't feel like fucking doing it.

Oh, I get out of dinner for the second time in a row.
Know how surprised I am?
I told my mom I didn't want to eat anything *Whoops.*, and she was all like:
"Say, what? Nothing?"
So I was like *Ah, quick save!*:
"I mean, I'm not hungry right now..."
Sometimes I feel bad about doing this to her, but then I think it's not really anything:
I'm just loosing weight.
That's a good thing.
The faster it drops, the better;


I've been ready for sleep for a while, since I got in my room.
I'm totally ready to just go to bed, but I've got homework...
But I can't do that right now, because I've got the laptop on my desk, and I don't want to move the laptop or do my homework on my bed because I don't want to but then again I don't want to sit on this chair anymore because it's getting uncomfortable and stuff and I'm very quite thirsty;
Being thirsty and doing homework is wrong.

^That right thurr is worthy of a P.S.A.
For those who are just learning that doing homework while thirsty is wrong, I am sorry to put a damper on your moods.
I know how many of you just can't wait to get home everyday and sit down and get out some fucking school work and just go to fucking town on that shit right there,
But I thoroughly advise that you have some water, or chug a bit of Sunny D, or have a sip of pickle juice, or -preferably- grab a damn Diet Dr. Pepper before you drop down into the deep recesses of your mind, where all your pleasure is felt, and do your shit-ton of English/Math/Social/blahblahblahetc.

Ha, I've got a problem.
And I've got my weight written on my hand.
Huh, I forgot I did that.
...I broke that pen today.
Chewed the end of it and broke the ink thingy inside, and sucked on it and inhaled a bunch of ink...
And then I swallowed. :D
...Just because I know y'all -xD y'all?- are thinking it: THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID.
Ha, I win; FIRST!
Anyways, part of me wants to wash it off, and the other part of me is too lazy... and is thinking it will probably come off in the shower in the morning.

My Life As Liz season 2 premiere tonight!
:3 ...That's far away though, maybe I'll just watch the recording when I get home tomorrow.
...DVR, I love you.

I should stop, because I feel silly.
But then again, this is a nice change from my rantrantrantrant posts;
Haha, my life sucks.
Not really, but yeah.?

I seriously need a pop, and I should paint my nails -probably won't happen-, and I need to just get my homework done.

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