(Can You Feel My Heart -- Bring Me the Horizon)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cuts and shaving.

I just took a shower, and seriously cut myself.
I was shaving and totally fucked up and took off some of the skin on the back of my leg, down by my ankle/Achilles heel thingy?
I pulled skin out of the razor, it was gross.
And it just bled and BLED and FUCKING BLED.
I didn't even, like, know what to do.
I kept trying to put it under the water, to wash off the blood so I could get out of the shower without turning the bathroom crimson, but that hurt and then I remembered that hot water doesn't stop bleeding?
Or I thought I remembered that, I don't know.
Yeah, but aniwayz;
The tub looked like a murder scene after, and I now have three 'heavy duty' Band-Aids on the back of my ankle...
Hahah, I'm so dumb.
I've got a slight headache now, and infeel sort of shaky, but it's whatever.
I'm trying to fast today, but it's my neighbor's birthday...
So, yeah. We'll see what happens.

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