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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rambling and boredom (&Day4).

This is the latest I've been up in a while, I think.
I've got a new habit -which I HATE- of going to bed early and waking up early...
Weekends are meant for sleeping, ugh.
But I've been up for... 18 hours.
Pft, lame.
I think I'm going to Walmart tomorrow, with Jean at least.
If we've got a ride anyways.
Not having a license sucks some super major ass, I can't wait for Jean to get hers...
Ugh, April is so far away.
Ah, I need something to do.
This is what I've been doing all fucking day;
And even though I've done nothing, I'm tired.
Like, if I tried to, I could so go to sleep right now.
But I'm fucking waiting for a reply from a friend so yeah... I want to stay up or she'll never reply. D:
Rahrahrah, I went downstairs a while ago and weighed.
I was wearing my hoodie and pajama pants and it was way too much;
I don't fucking know anymore.
As of lately, I never know what will happen.
Not eating could make me loose a pound like it used to, or it could make me maintain.
I'm hoping I'm not crabby tomorrow...
I don't even like energy drinks that much, but I've fucking wanted one for, like, a week.
Ahahahaha, SLAP, Full Throttle, I-can't-remember-the-names-of-any-other-energy-drinks-except-for-Monster-which-I-don't-particularly-like!

Gah, whore just got offline.
Damn it...
Has it seriously only been twenty minutes?
Godfuck, time is going so slow.
My foot's asleep...
I think I might go to sleep...

Lucky me I don't have much make up on, so I can just fall over and crash.
I need to shave. -..-
Ah, pins and needles in my foot!
Fuckfuckfuck. It hurts and doesn't at the same time.

Oh, hey, dunno why I want to mention this but..;
Before Thursday, I could say I hadn't self-injured since around the end of October.
It's nothing bad, embarassing really.
I'm tired and feel a little out of it, even though it's only 12:30.
Ah, I want summer and staying up all night so I sleep all day and fucking sun.

...There's somebody in my bathroom.
The fuck?
Go to bed, silly family member.

I think I'm going to do the picture day thing now, so I won't have to later and blahblahblah...
Plus, I'm major bored and not moving to go to bed. :x

Day 4: A picture of your favorite memory.
This probably doesn't make much sense, but it's back from Christmas of 2008.
Back then -end of middle school-, I think I loved life.
I may have acted like everything was a drag and a hassle, but I'm pretty sure I actually at least liked life.
Things now are different.  I don't hate life I guess, but I don't think I'm really happy a lot, and back then I also had friends that I hung out with all the time... Yeah, shitty friends, great times.
The end.


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