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Friday, February 11, 2011

Writing [x2?] and Day 3.

I'm sort of a writer, I suppose, but I'm not any good.  I was going to bring this up yesterday, but I never did...
That is what happens when I'm stuck at home, on a night that I was supposed to have plans;
I ate instead, well not instead.  But yeah, the two fuckers ditched me I guess.
I got that ^ original idea from skinnie4evur; I'm pretty sure that's her blog anyways.
Most of what I got from her is the thought of having somebody from my head "come to life" -hers was Ana, y'get it?
Hopefully she won't care, and I entirely doubt she will.
It's no big deal, and I don't think I'll keep it going -or I at least won't post more on here.
I'm nervous about showing stuff to people, and I'm hoping I don't come back and delete all of that.
(I did...)
Gah, aniwayz;
Day 3: A picture of the cast from your favorite show.

As if this wasn't totally obvious... Shitty quality picture. :P

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