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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Writing and Day 2.

All right, so, I'm bored.
I got no homework, except for getting stuff for my Spanish project.
Necesito un impermeable, una paragua, un gorro (de dinosaurio :3), y unos zapatos negros y blancos.
Ha. Yeah. Fashion show thing tomorrow. Blahh.

Today is supposed to be the last cold day.
I'm praying so fucking hard that that is true.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.
Blessed are thou among owmen and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.
Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.
P.S: Spring time now? Plz&thnx.

Uh, I gained two pounds after eating "normally" yesterday.
Fuck my life.
Oh, and I finally got a picture uploaded to my post from yesterday.
It's a picture of me, and hopefully your eyes don't bleed.
Your not welcome. :D

Haha, yeah.

Day 2: A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest.
Well, excluding family, that would be either Jean or Deli.
I don't want to upload pictures of them without asking or whatever, and I'm not asking, so I've just got to be sneaky about this...

Sign I made for Deli a while ago. :3

Birthday sign I made for Jean last year. :3

That, my friends, is being creative.
Go me. xD

O: I like pudding, sort of, but I never got really into chocolate.
Vanilla and butterscotch, NOM. < 3
...I've never noticed an after taste really. Huh. O;


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  1. You're pretty :) and the 2 pounds might just be water weight.