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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Skrubbin' and Day 4.

I'm totally chill right now, pretty much.
Just wearing my mega-soft Superman pajama pants and a huge sweatshirt.
My face's got some make up on it, and my hair could be done if I situated it right, but I don't care right now.

My head hurts.
I haven't eaten today.
I did 500 leg lifts -250 on each side.

I want more water, but it's dinner time...
Soyeah, gotta hold out I 'spose.

So fucking bored.

Day 4: A picture of your favorite night.
Uh... Gotta get on FaceBook for this one.

Well, there; a real picture of me and my friends.
L-R; Deli, me, Jean, and Coral.
This is before Coral moved and we stopped talking, before a lot of the bullshit, back when I gave a fuck about having friends... most of the time.
It's not my favorite night, but it's up there I guess.

Sorry about my fatness, compared to my friends' thin-ness.

Ugh, I want some major painkillers, or something that'll help me stay asleep.
I've been awake since 6a.m -it's almost 6:30p.m-, and only maybe two hours of those twelve or whatever have been spent out of my room.
I need a life.

I'm supposed to do something tomorrow, but I don't plan on initiating it, so if Deli and Jean want to be lazy fucks then fine.
Who gives a shit about school spirit anyways.


AHMYGOD, I did it again.
Ohkay, been meaning to reply to comments...
I don't see it, but thanks -for calling me pretty. If that's you in the picture -which I'm thinking it is-, then you're totally gorgeous. < 3 Ah, I thought the FunDip would make me hyper, but it didn't happen. :/ Haha, now I probably will...

Laterz [x2], forrealz I guess.

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