(Can You Feel My Heart -- Bring Me the Horizon)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Unhopeful wishes and leaving.

As if anybody will care, I just want to put this out here;
I'm leaving Blogger.
Well, blogging.
I'll still be 'round sometimes to read things, check up on people...
But I can't deal with this anymore.
I feel like a fake, like I'm forcing myself into or holding on to this thing.
This thing that just... I shouldn't be trying to keep it.

I just wanted to let you know that you are amazing.
You are beautiful and thoughtful and kind and you have so much inside of you that it astounds me.
I hope one day you will realize this, and you'll show yourself off to the world, and you won't care about anybody that dislikes you because you know they're just jealous, and you'll take down anybody that's ever in your way.
You deserve something(s) and someone(s) that are just as amazing as you, and will appreciate your every flaw and your altogether imperfection which, coincidentally, is what makes you perfect.
This is written to you, I promise; so don't think I'm lying, or this is meant for anybody else, because it's not.
Believe me? If not now, one day? If not sooner, later?
I sincerely, completely, honestly, truly hope so.
Really, I do.

There's no better way to start an unhopeful ending than with a sappy goodbye...
Laterz. < 3456789


  1. Aww,that last part made me cry.
    You are amazing and beautiful,and I hope that will one day see that. I hope that you'll get past ebrythign that's going on. And I'll miss you and your "help life alert" situations. Take excellent care of yourself!!!

  2. Good luck and thanks :D
    I'll miss you, and take care :) x