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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February and hunger.

It's the first day of February.
My half birthday is at the end of February; we celebrate half birthdays in Spanish.
Me llamo Julia en Espanol, mi cumpleanos media es el veintiocho de febrero -pero mi cumpleanos es el treinta y uno de agosto.
Si? Sisisi.

I don't like feeling hungry.
I think I used to maybe, at one point, but now I sort of hate it.
Probably because I want to eat, but I used up too many calories at school and then I came home and split a Poptart package with Jean.
I think around 415 calories, roughly, and it's 3:45...
When Jean leaves, I'll shut myself in my room and sleep or something.

Maybe more later...

Nevermind, I'm eating.
Dill pickle chips with Jean.
I hate this.
Pleasepleaseplease don't gain more than one pound...

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