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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Alfred McDonavitch and sleep.

Lol. Alfred McDonavitch is the name of the guy on my Algebra 2 notebook that I drew. n.n
All right, well... Today was sort of dumb.
Hm, I need names for the people I'm going to talk about, since they'll probably be coming up in these a lot... :/
Well, the boy that I've been constantly talking about will be... just D. xD
One of my friends, Deli's bestfriend, will be Cat...
And one of my friends that moved to a different state in November but is apparently coming back for winter break -and probably bringing a SHIT TON of drama with her- will be Coral.
Deli, Dan, Jean, D, Cat, and Coral... Original, aye?
Anyways, D's still got stuff going on with his girlfriend's brother -or maybe it's ex-girlfriend now?-, even though he got suspended for beating up D yesterday...
His friends were just being dumb all day, I actually think they were LOOKING for D during lunch... Lame.
But D, like, left? I dunno when or where he went, I just know I saw him walk off before 4th hour and then didn't see him the rest of the day.
Ah well...
Cat and Deli ditched today. We got to school -Deli gets a ride with me from my neighbor- and we were sitting in the lunchroom -they were eating breakfast and I was just, like,.. Sitting there- and they suddenly just decided to get up and leave so they could "go and get high".
It was pretty fucking stupid, but whatever.
Cat's going to some sort of reform-ish school anyways, and if she gets caught skipping there she's going to have to go straight to court.

Hm, what else happened today?
Nothing really worth mentioning...
Ah, I woke up this morning and was at 158.5...
Now I'm at, like, 160.5 ish...

< 3456789

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