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Saturday, December 25, 2010


It's been Christmas for sixteen minutes.
Christmas Eve was good;
I got some Hard Candy make up, Inception, The Hangover, Eclipse, a gray tanktop, a new shirt, an ATL sweatshirt, super soft Superman pajama bottoms, and an awesome new camera. :D
At my house, we open presents from my parents on Christmas Eve, and presents from 'Santa' on Christmas morning...
And apparently this year my brother is waking everybody up at, like, 9:15a.m. Dx
So I should probably go to sleep. :/
But I don't want to go remove my make up and wash my face; I'm afraid I'll fuck up my nails -since I just painted them a looveeelyyy dark blue.
Oh, food today was actually good.
I only ate at dinner, and had some veg ziti, a bunch of salad, and some of that toasted bread stuff... And for dessert, a no-bake Jello Oreo pie thing.
It was good, and probably a jillion calories. x/
I'm just doing whatever now.
Until I see my weight after my grandma leaves, and then I'll probably freak the fuck out.
Yeah, okay, I think I'm going to go to sleep... Or at least get ready to go to sleep. :/

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