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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well, I've pretty much lost hope in love... completely
Dan and Deli broke up...
I'd wished for them to break up before -I know I'm a HORRIBLE person :/- but I never thought it would happen for, like, good.
If those two can't even get their 'shit' together, how am I supposed to ever expect myself to be able to clean myself up for somebody?
As if there is a somebody out there, but still?
...Huh, cant believe I'm so selfish that all I can think of is myself when two of my good friends just broke up 'for good' after six months.
...I'm a bad person.
Reason nĂºmero dos for why I don't belong in any sort of relationship.
The first being that I'm fugly, of course.

Ugh, I need to see how much damage I caused this weekend.
It's going to be BAD, I know it will... Fuuckkk.
I feel like crying, too bad I actually won't.
Last time I really cried would have to be around a month or two ago, when I convinced myself that if I ever did search for help or something, it wouldn't matter...
I'm not worth saving.
I had to silence my sobbing, which is pitiful, because I was just so... pissed.
Dunno why though, I wouldn't want to save somebody as horrible as me.

All right, hopefully now it's scale time...
Fuck, my parents are still awake.
Whatever, fuck it, I'm going to bed.
Fuckin' apologies to all the people that read this dumb shit.

< 34... Fuck it.

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