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Friday, December 17, 2010

Impatience and confusion.

I wish it was Christmas!
Ha, I dunno why I'm so friggin' excited this year, but I am!
Last year I didn't even really care, but this year I've been psyched since... Thanksgiving.
Ah, I'm a loser.
Why the fuck am I in a good mood? ...It must be the Owl City and the fact that it's Friday...
Even though I've got shit loads to do this weekend when all I really want to do is chill and sleep.
I've actually got to wake up at a certain time tomorrow. D:<
I'm waking up at 7:30-8:00 a.m to get ready to go to my brother's basketball game. x(
And then go shopping, to get some hair stuffff (maybe I should post that picture I have of my short hair? Even though you guys never saw it long... O: ) and Christmas presents for people.
Anyone else see that? ..Yeah, my bad mood is returning.
I can start off a post in such a FANTASTIC or at least relatively okay mood...
And be a complete DISASTER by the time I'm done.
...Meh, oh well. Maybe I'm bi-polar... but probably not.
Nothing really, considering I've actually been updating this everyday...
Shocker I can actually commit to somethin', aye?
...Well maybe it's not a shock to you, but it's a shock to me.
Or maybe you've noticed that I haven't even been able to commit to weight-loss?
Yeah, I'm a lazy fuck, when it comes to any- and every-thing.
...But apparently not blogging. :X

Hm, I was searching for quotes earlier today -actually it was thinspo at first, and then turned into quotes?- and found, like, three that I just fell in LOVE with.
...Hopefully I can find them again, because I'd rather just post the icon than type them all here. x..x

That last one is so definitely my favorite. Oh, wait, there's another... O:
Love that one, too.
Ughh, I'm forgetting something... Something that I wanted to say, or something I was going to do.
...This blows; I'm tired, but I've got to remember whatever it was.

< 3456789

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