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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I need better titles... :P
Anyways; Jean and Dan were over today! It was fun, and I haven't been hanging out with Dan at all lately. :/
He came up to me in school and was just like: "We're hanging out today.  I miss hanging out with you all the time." I just shrugged, like 'whatever', but yeah... I'm glad he came. n.n
We spent most of the time criticizing his girlfriend, Deli, because she was supposedly 'sick' today but instead had Kay -sort of friend of mine, Deli's 'BFF' atm- over and they got high...
So, yeah! Apparently Jean and I are supposed to stage some sort of intervention this weekend, because Dan wants all three of us to hang out so we can establish our 'group' again. I personally don't think it will work, because Deli knows what Jean and I think of drugs and the like... but oh weellll, it's her life, eh?
And, uhm.... Jean and I worked on our Gatsby project, all we really did was look up quotes on the 'net... xD But we're actually doin' good I think, hopefully we get a good grade. :D
...Though I doubt we'll have it done by Friday. x_x
As of this mornin', I was at 160, and majorly pissed at myself for gaining again... But I'm hoping I've lost since the morning.
...I've actually been doing sort-of-exercises?
SPEAKING OF! I need ideas for what I can do, since I can't just go out and walk around much! The roads are covered in ice, I've already fallen once... D; IT'S DANGEROUS OUT THERE.
So, uh, yeahhh, ideas pleeeasseeee? (Besides the obvious sit-ups/crunches/push-ups/etc...)
Muchas gracias. :3
Hmn, I think I'll be heading to sleep soon...
It's nearly nine and surprisingly I'm still in make-up and school clothes, listening to my iPhone and typing on the laptop.
...I can't think of much else that happened today. :X ...I got, like, a B on a History test, I think... My Bio teacher said he's going to start doing it the 'college way' and just lecturing, since nobody likes to pay attention to him, and it's up to us to learn it all... even though we're just sophomores. Dx
I sincerely dislike school.
Kai, think that's it...
Anybody liking these long-ass posts? ...No? Oh, uh, yeah... sorry. :X
Seriously done now...

Latuhhhhh. < 3456789

Just went down and weighed...
Lost one pound! Only excited because I'm back in the 150s!
If I can keep loosing a pound a day, I could be at my first goal by Saturday/Sunday...
Then I could be near the 140s by next week! :O
Gosh, that makes it sound soneasy.

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