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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby, are you down,

Down, down, down, down?
Hah. n.n
Down cover by Breathe Carolina. :D
Anyone else like he Punk Goes Pop CDs? #3 is preeettyyy goood.
I'm feelin', like, happy right now?
It's stupid 'cause I actually ate today.
Like, bleh! Some candycane (~60), two pieces of gum (~10), few cheesepuffs (~IDK, but not a lot), Chex Mix (~IDK), brownie thing (~Dunno, a lot...), taco -first taco I've been able to have since I became a vegetarian!- (~Dunno, again..).
Should I over-exaggerate around 700? Or does that still sound like way too little?
Maybe I'll just go with 1,000? Ugh, wish I would've kept my counting going! :/
Definitely done eating for today. Lol.
Ooh, The Grinch Stole Christmas or whatever it's called is on TV!
The people one, not cartoon... I like this one. :D
Hoping for not too much of a gain.
And Dear Becca, that comment you left on my last post just made me smile for some reason? Oh, and I found that I didn't even gain, my clothes just apparently add like two pounds? Ahaha.
Now I'm just praying for minimal or maybe no gain, since I doubt I've still lost.
Disliking being stuck at 157-159!
Ah, I've got nothing left to say.
Well, I've got loads to say, but they could all be stories for a different day.
Somebody remind me to tell about the pineapples sometime, aye? :3

Latuhhhh. < 3456789

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