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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New starts and Skins.

I've decided I'm done with this.
I'm done eating, gaining, and hating myself.
I still hate myself, but I'm done eating -for myself, I'll only eat when I've got to. :/
Thanks heiscertainlyworthit for the comment. < 3456789
It helped.

So, last night Jean slept over; she's such a nerd. xD
It was hard for me to get any sleep last night, because she takes over my bed and she breathes loudly and doesn't stop fucking moving, but it was worth it.
We're attempting to make a music video -House Party by 3OH!3. xD
We've hardly done anything because it turns out that WMM doesn't work with my new camera, so I had to download a new editor which is only free for 15 days, and yeah...
It was dumb.

Anyways, I'm not going to do anything today, except maybe clean and read...
Ha, nah, that's not happening.

Oh, almost forgot;
I'm so excited for the American-version of Skins, it's premiering on MTV on the 17th I think?
I've been watching the English -British?- version on YouTube, and it's gewddd.
The American one definitely won't be as good, because America has a habit of fucking things up, but I'm still excited.

But yeah, I'm going to go sleep... Or something.

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  1. No problem :)
    I kinda failed myself a little today...but I fixed it!! I nearly went a whole day without eating...but then I saw chocolate...but it's all fixed now (I purged!!) So, it's not that bad I guess...

    Mmmmmm Skins is back in England soon...can't wait!! Just looked at the new characters, an they seem shit...can't beat series 1 & 2!!

    Stay strong :)xx