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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shopping and... ?

We're doing Secret Santa in my Band class, and I picked one of my semi-close friends...
She thinks I picked a different friend... She's not very smart sometimes, 'cause I'm sort of obvious about it. Ha.
But she gave me no ideas, and it's dumb.
So I guess I'm giving her Dr. Pepper, lip balms, Twix... and I've got to find something else.
Did I mention it's all three days this week?
Yeah... Ugh. I just need something "big" for the last day, although we're only supposed to spend like $3-5 or somethin'...
I would have everything ready if stupid Claires hadn't gotten rid of all of their Alice In Wonderland and A Nightmare Before Christmas stuff.
Like, really? That's all she said she wants.
And there's no friggin' Hot Topic 'round here.
I'm pretty sure all my binging is starting to show.
I weighed before I left to go shopping -which was after I'd already eaten a donut, a piece of cold vegetarian pizza, and a bowl of Lucky Charms... :/ - and I was at 162.5 and I was pissed, but I know I deserve it.
I mean, all the eating and semi-loosing/maintaining was driving me crazy; I did not fucking understand! I was grateful, but confused... and I hate being confused.
...Why is it that whenever I change the font/size/color, when I change it back everything looks different?
And then I sit and check to see if it's on "default" and "normal", and it is but it still looks funny?

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