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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Actually wasn't bad, while it was happening.
Looking back on it now... I ate too much.
But at least I got to hang out with my bestest friend! n.n
I actually hang out with her every day... But it was still exciting.
She got her hair dyed -she tried really hard to just go dark, but it's all red and she was mad. xD It looks good though!
Have I ever mentioned my overzealous -right word?- love of hair... er, uhm, of hair styles/coloring and all that?
I've recently started cutting my own! Deli actually chopped it all up in the beginning of August -loved it then, now I'm just wishing for it to grow!- and I totally hashed my bangs.
I'm planning on a new haircut/bang style, but I'm sort of scared to go as short as I'd like. Gahhhhhh. Haha.
Oh jeeze, I got carried away talking about hair? Huh, I've got a real weird obsession...
Today I finished reading The Great Gatsby for Pre-AP English, and I got horribly confused by it. xD My friend that came over -need a nickname for her, but I can't just use first letters because I know lots of people with the same first letters... Uhm, I'll go with Jean. n.n- and I are supposed to do a project on character analysis for Friday, but all we've done so far is search for answers on the Internet while I tried to make our slideshow title page look cool... :D While we were on SparkNotes and junk, we think we found the website our teacher gets his lessons from... It was funny!
Gosh, I need to stop ramblingggg....
Hm, on a much more depressing note;
I've gained weight. Whoop-dee-fucking-doo.
So far, all of the 'hard work' I though I'd been doing is down the drain.
Ice got to turn this week around, or I'll drive myself crazy.
Hell, I think I might already be crazy... Meh, probably not actually.
..Oh, and the topic of anorexia and EDs came up a few times today;
I feel bad now that I felt sort of guilty and squirmy while my neighbor and mom talked about the dangers of not eating...
It came up initially because my neighbor lost four pounds this week, even though she does not need to loose anything!
She said she did it by not eating much.
I'm going to try and use that as my motivation;
If she can do it without trying and without needing to loose anything, I should be able to because I NEED to.
Okay okay, I think I'm done now... Hopeully anyone that tried to read this actually CAN; typing on a phone can be a bitch and I don't feel like re-reading everything... I'll do it later.
Now I just want to sleeepppp.

Latuhhh. < 3456789

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