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Friday, December 31, 2010

Minor accomplishments and laziness.

I'm laying in bed right now, at 2:22 pm.
I haven't gotten up yet. xD
I really should get up and shower and seriously force myself to clean my damn room, but I'm going to be home alone later... So I'm sort of waiting for that, I guess. :x
Yeah, I'm going to be home alone and doing nothing on New Year's Ever.
Hoo-fucking-rah for me.
Ohwell; IDRGAF.

Yesterday I managed to get by with only eating most of a.. erm, Boca meatless burger or whatever those things are called. O..O
My mom actually put it on some of those bagel things that aren't bagels? Fuck, I don't remember what they're called... :x
Anyways, I would've been almost content with eating it, but then she went and put butter on it.
Like; SRSLY?
So, I had one or two mini-bites of the burger on the bagel-thing, but then realized it was definitely too much, so I was 'sneaky' and took the bagel-thing off my plate and put it in the trash -shoved into an empty box of chocolate D; - in my room.
It's still there, under my bed; I'll have to throw it today. x..x
After that, I got most of the way done with the burger, and then I started ripping it into pieces.
I shoved two in my mouth and grabbed the other, like, three or something, went over and grabbed a napkin, and shoved the pieces in there.
Then I Enders up chewing a bit and spitting what was in my mouth into the napkin, too.
Then I threw it away, put my plate by the sink, and went back to my room...
Oh, and I downed a few bottles of water. :/
I was pissing every, like, half hour for the next three or so hours. xD
Blahblahblah, TMI. Shshsh. :P

Uhm, once again, muchas gracias heiscertainlyworthit for the comment. n..n
Sorry about your little 'mistake', an even sorry-er that you had to purge. :X
Ah, yes, I'm watching the first season now and LOVE ITTT.
Especially the eating disordered, blonde girl that I can't remember the name of now... Seriously, why can't I remember her name?
And I lovers Sid, and Tony, and Chris, and Maxxie -is that the gay boy's name? :O -, and Jal. :3
I actually got pissed when the Mad Twatter broke Jal's clarinet.
If someone would dare smash my flute, I'd strangle them. 3;<

Uhm, yeah, anyways... I say that too much. xD
Yesterday, someone was getting up my ass about saying 'like' too much...
So I imitated them and said 'DUDE' every ten seconds, instead. :3
Uh, seriously though... I should go shower, or atlast do something to get my lazy self out of bed.
Today's agenda:
Don't eat.
Clean room.
Don't eat.
Read as much as I can of Madame Bovary and The Scarlet Letter so I don't have to cram it all in on Sunday.
Don't eat.
Get on the Internet.
Don't eat.
Entertain myself until 2010 is finally FUCKING OVER.
...Don't eat.

Easy enough, hm?
OKAI, done.

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  1. Yay.Sounds like u had a good day yesterday. And I say like and anywho,anyway,alot also but anywho keep up the excellent work. :)