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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Thursdays, like, suck for me? Dunno what it is, but it's always Thursdays that I eat more. D;
Today I've had at least 1,000 calories, and that's a rough, probably low, estimation.
Also, Thursdays are sort of blah. I've started to realize lately that, not only do I eat more, but everybody is crabby and yucky... I hate having to go to school and deal with loads of them all at once.
I think I pissed off Dan today, it was dumb. Before lunch, he out his binder in my locker -I share a locker with his girlfriend Deli and Jean, it's gets messyyyy Dx- and then after lunch he and Deli were being dumb with their PDA, so I took his binder and pushed it between their faces and then dropped it. Neither of them caught it so it fell on the ground, and apparently on Dan's foot or something. So he kicked me. -.- And then he picked it up, and apparently I'd "broken" it, so he bitched and walked away.
God, he's more of a girl than I am.
And he thinks him and his girlfriend are such hot shit! Remember the boy that I mentioned that "supposedly" likes/d me? Yeah, Dan doesn't like him so he's constanly making up all this crap that he likes to stare at Deli's chest, when he seriously doesn't.
Me and Jean just really want to tell him that his girlfriend is not that hot. Yeah, Deli's one of my sort-of friends, and she's gorgeous, but there aren't very many people in our school that like her, or think she's pretty.
And his constant whining about other boys has given her such a big head.
Ugh, I should stop whining...
Dan and Deli aren't always bad, but sometimes I'd just like to punch them in their faces and scream at them that they're NOT THAT HOT/COOL/AMAZING.
Anyways, Dan's flipping out left me in a funk all of fifth hour, because I just get real self-concious whenever I piss someone off on accident or something. :/

Yeah, but, uhm... I think I was down to 157 this morning! It's probably gone up now, and I won't have an accurate number 'till morning, but yeah... I hope that I at least stayed at 157, since I doubt I've lost, and haven't gained.
I'll go insane if I'm not around 155 before the weekend, because I don't want to EVER go over 160 again...
Blah, I should go do my weak exercises before getting ready for sleep.
All it is is around 100 sit-ups, at least 40 push-ups, and these stretch-type-things I do for my sides...
I suck.

< 3456789

Just went down and weighed...
Back at 160. :'(
Take that 'I suck' from ^up there^ and multiply it by, like, 1,794,365...
And that might summarize how much I am disappointed in and hate myself

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