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Saturday, December 4, 2010


I've realized that this blog has been entirely about two things;
Food and weight.
While my life does revolve around that, I'm sure other people get enough of that in their own lives and probably don't want to read more about it?
So, I think I should say a little bit more about my life, that isn't completely focused on scales on calories.
Okay, so, there's actually something sort of weird happening concerning my friends right now...
Well, it's not really weird, it's just that people have been telling me that this one boy likes me.
Yeah, pretty impossible sound right?
But, I don't date, and I'm not interested in love or anything like that.
Lol. I'm a fail excuse for a girl.
All my friends that are girls are so obsessed with love and falling in it and having boys and never being single...
Me? I had been single for almost three years until I went out with this guy in the beginning of October... and dumped him a week later. Then he dated this girl that I really hate, but ah well...
Anyways, I don't really know why I brought this up...
Maybe because somehow I sort of want to be in a relationship, but at the same time... it's just too much.
I'm the kind of person that needs space, and sometimes I need a lot, and that's just not how relationships work.
Or at least, it's not how any relationships in my school works.
Like, my two friends -these two should probably have names, since they'll probably come up a lot... Hm, I'll do Dan and Deli... It's a girl and a boy, just saying. If you knew the real names, you'd get the nicknames. xD- Yeah, Dan and Deli are always together, it's suffocating just to watch. But they love it?
I just have a feeling, no matter how much I liked somebody, I could never do that.
People are annoying. xD
And even if I liked him and actually wanted to go out with him, I wouldn't ever feel comfortable.
He dates skinny girls, that's not me; he'd realize his mistake quickly and dump me.
Jeez, I'm all over the place with thoughts on this...
Meh, I should just stop worrying about it until I'm thin...
Everything will hopefully fall into place then, and I'll be comfortable with dating.

Latuhhhh. < 3456789

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