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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hair-cuts and boys.

Yup, I got a hair-cut today.
I had sort of long hair, like the very ends brushed the top of my chest, and it had taken me so long to get it down there...
But then -like I usually do- I got sick of the same and said "Hey, I'mma cut it short again! Even though I always hate myself afterwards!"
Yeah, I planned for it to be about to my collarbones, but the lady SOAKED my hair before cutting it so naturally it got shorter once it dried.
I'm pissed, I look like a fat boy. :/
I don't think I can put up a picture while on my phone, so I'll have to do it later... But yeah.
So far the lady, my mom, my brother, my neighbor, a creeper on FB, a friend from school, and Jean have said they like it/it's cute/it's NOT BAD.
I don't really believe them, but oh well; it'll grow back.
And having it shorter gives me a chance to grow it out thicker, and dye it differently- which is a TOTAL plus. I'm in need of a fresh dye-job. n.n
Hopefully I can convince my mom to get the dye on Friday/Saturday, when we go shopping so I can get presents for friends and junk. :O
Also, to end on a sort-of good note before switching to a much shittier topic; short hair means new hairstyles, and looking like an individual again. EVERYBODY in my town's got LONG, THINNED-OUT, LAYERED hair.
Yay for being different. :D

Now, weight...
I've gained, and I'm binging like CRAZY.
I actually felt SICK from all the food I ate today... It was DISGUSTING.
I have enter FML/Fuck-It-All mode, and I'm scared shitless for Christmas/holiday break.
Oh God. :/


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