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Saturday, January 1, 2011


OMJ, first blog post of the new year!
LOLOL... I'm not really that excited.
So far, this year is very uneventful.
Fell asleep at 3a.m, woke up at around 12:30p.m, read until, like, 4p.m...
Yeah, I've done nothing really.
Well, I guess reading 100-and something pages should make me feel accomplished, but it doesn't really.
My room is still messsyyyy -it's actually just my desk, but I want to vacuum and rearrange it, too- and I've got food still hidden in the Kohls bag under my bed.
Euw, that's really gross. :/
My feet are cold, and my house smells like tacos... or something.
Earlier it smelled like pizza...
Maybe I'm just imagining smells?
Ugh, it's raining...
First it snowed in November, and now it's raining in December/January.

I know in my posts, it sounds like I'm really hard on myself, but it doesn't really affect me at all.
Even though I yell at myself constantly, I still go and mess up again.
When will I learn? xD
Thanks though... < 3456789

Anyways, I need some socks.

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