(Can You Feel My Heart -- Bring Me the Horizon)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Days and months.

My day has consisted of eating, and gaining.
If the scale is true, two pounds today.
I was already up two pounds from yesterday this morning.
That dumb, fuck everything - I don't care mood is back.
I want to destroy something, like seriously smash it to pieces.
I don't feel like exercising because I know, by this time, it's hopeless anyways.
It won't magically make me get to my goal on Monday.
Not even fasting all weekend could do that, and I wouldn't be able to fast all weekend anyways.
I'm so over this shit.
I'm so over myself.
The cherry on fucking top is that my eyelids and under my eyes are dry from makeup and make up remover, and putting lotion stuff on it makes it burn.
And I can't just hang out in my room tomorrow, I have to go to my brother's fucking basketball game.
And I have to do homework.

Kill. Me. Now.

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  1. It's okay. Just keep hope that tomorrow will be soo much better. I know it will. ;)